Every morning, when I awaken to a new day I take stock of my life. Pulse? Check. Breathing? Check. Aching? Check. All systems are a go. As I stumble into my bathroom, I do my morning cleaning routine. Gradually, my eyes come to rest upon the mirror. Glaring from the mirror is the guy that is going to cause me all kinds of problems today.

My biggest issue in life can be found in that small, rectangular piece of glass. It is I, who will not place a filter to screen out harmful soundbites that will hurt someone. It will also be me that will make bad decisions. When the final tally is counted at the end of the day, it is I who will pay for the way that I lived today.

I could easily not take responsibility for the choices that I have made. Laying the blame at someone else’s feet is easy enough. However, why would I drag someone into my personal drama? I am grown enough that I don’t see the need to do that. My choice, my consequence. The mirror only showed me as the culprit of choosing my own doom. Therefore, I will stand alone to face the judgment rendered because of my actions.

You guys take it easy, and I will catch up with you all soon.

Freeman out.

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