Colin Kaepernick settles out of court…..let the drama end…

So, Mr. Kaepernick has settled out of court with the NFL. I am happy that his little drama production is finally over. It is amazing to me that over the course of this entire professional football season, he was rarely mentioned. Neither was his activism. I guess he decided he better hold on to what was left of his guaranteed money. It is the same with the rest of these mealy mouthed athletes who are too dumb to understand that we aren’t seeking your opinion, only entertainment.

The documents are sealed so no one really knows what occurred in the office besides Kaepernick, his attorneys, the NFL Commissioner, and their attorneys. Otherwise it is pure speculation. I would naturally assume that Kaepernick signed a NDA and got paid to let the lawsuit dropped, but who knows? In the end, there was no collusion proven that the 32 teams colluded to keep him from playing football. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

From the business angle, I can see why no team proved to be interested in hiring him as a backup. His last season of play’s statistics coupled with his divisive attitude would be hard to handle. That is not to mention that the fans would not be happy with their team if they were to sign someone who has disrespected the military community and law enforcement. The NFL is a business and it should be ran like a business. Kaepernick was a bad business decision that would destroy whichever team he landed on. Therefore, you move on to the next candidate that may be able to lead your team to the Super Bowl.

Well, I am glad that it is over. Maybe now, we can get back to the business of respecting our veterans and law enforcement without screeching black power or pumping our fist as a sign of defiance.

Freeman out.

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