McDonald’s, news watching and other moments of randomness…..

Good morning ya’ll. I am at McDonald’s waiting, killing time before my bus route kicks off. I have had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and Orange Juice. The news is full of bile and bitterness. A Muslim couple sits behind me, and they are quietly chattering in Arabic.

The morning is quite. A low lying fog covers the ground and the busy workers flit from the counter to the kitchen area. It seems that the campaign for president is live and well here in America. President’s Day is tomorrow. Mad Maxine is sounding out a call to protest the President and his administration. Again. I am so tired of this idiot. There is a gap between what the people want and what these politicians actually represent.

It is unfortunate that this is the norm in my country. Why is it normal for the President to have to exercise the emergency powers granted to him via the Constitution? Because we have long-term Senators and Congress men/women who have been in power for far too long. The President gets 8 years, but Congress has no limit to the time they are allowed to hoard power. This is the problem. They block every legal avenue and then want to cry when the President undermines Congress.

Joe Biden has called America an embarrassment. Excuse me?! Someone shove a gag ball in this idiot’s mouth. Of course Biden was the Vice President to the most incompetent President in the history of American leaders. I apologize if this is too truthful this morning. It makes sense that he would go out and say something that stupid. After all, he was key in Obama’s American Apology Tour. “We are so sorry that we retaliated for you bombing Pearl Harbor!” or perhaps, “We apologize for the Bay of Pigs! YAY Communism!” or my personal favorite, “We totally over-reacted for 9/11! Praise Allah and all that crap!”

It disgusts me that my country has lost its mind completely. We no longer have a country that basks in being good. No, now we apologize and condone wrong-doing. “Oh you want to behead your wife due to your religious beliefs? Absolutely!” “You want to rape your children and sell other people’s kids into slavery? Don’t let us stop you!” We are totally lost. God help us.

Freeman out.

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