AOC, the Green New Deal, ethics, and more!

So, I haven’t really been able to keep up with what is going on in the news etc. Surgery had me sleeping but in between long naps I saw that the Green New Deal was mocked by the left, the right, and even the fringe elements. I still can’t believe that people think that cow farts are destroying the ozone. The whole thing sounded like a utopian society. Free travel, free schools, free everything and brand new buildings etc. Where would we get the money to do all of these wonderful things? We are going to tax the rich into poverty and completely decimate the middle class. Thankfully, people quickly brought the hammer down on this insane plan. Now, I think that we should be careful in mocking this plan. It sounds like some of the other crap that her peers have offered to combat climate change among other things.

Then this morning, I saw on Twitter that AOC had given her boyfriend his own congressional email. I know some people have been in arms over it, but it seems that there are people split in both camps on the legality of it all. Some claim that it is an abuse of power because he is not her husband, and others claim that it is a right-wing conspiracy to drag her down. Either way, there should be a folder with the rules and regulations given to each new Congress/man/woman when they start their new job. Then if something like this occurs they can’t say they didn’t know. CYA should be the motto of Congress. In case you don’t know what CYA is it stands for Cover-your-A##. It should be standard procedure for everyone.

The president has said that he will declare a state of emergency for border security. I really hope he doesn’t. It sets a bad precedent for future presidents. Declaring a state of emergency for border security is problematic because Pelosi has already said that the future Democratic president can exercise these same powers to abolish the 2nd Amendment. That is a problem. First, your state of emergency doesn’t trump the American people’s right to bear arms. Second, your dead bodies don’t trump our right to bear arms. Third, if anyone is dumb enough to try this, it will probably be a really bad day here in America. Unfortunately, people do not understand that our government is framed within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is not open to interpretation. You don’t get to remove the rights of individuals because some people are dumb. You can’t abolish the Constitution and expect the American people to remain silent. Instead of building a wall, bring the military home and place them on the border. Then give them the order to fire at will. Anyone illegally crossing the border is an enemy and the problem will be solved. Rotate out units and give the troops hazard pay for doing their jobs.

Some people have been declaring that AOC has violated ethics in giving her boyfriend an email address. The left and their media watchdogs have been harping on Trump violating numerous ethics. I find it humorous that these individuals care about ethics. Maxine Waters and other politicians are facing charges on ethics violations. Can we all stop for a moment and realize that there is no place in the operation of the government for ethics. Why do you think they removed the Ten Commandments? It turns the work environment hostile. You can’t tell the world’s largest group of crooks that they can’t lie, steal, cheat, commit fraud or commit murder. How else are they expected to get ahead?

Well, I guess that will do it for me. You guys take care and I will catch up with you later.

Freeman out.

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