Day 1 of recovery…..

So, I guess I will journal about my recovery from dental surgery. This morning, my jaws tight and it felt like I could not open my mouth. The Percocet that was given to me to help with my recovery eased the pain. One ibuprofen and Amoxicillin later and the pain was gone. Thus, it has been the same routine over the last 24 hours.

My pain is tremendous, but the medication does dull it somewhat. I feel like Goliath has slammed me in the face a dozen times with a sledgehammer. My jaws are still swollen, my tongue is still numb and speaking is a chore. Of course, I am sure that many folks are happy about the latter part of the above sentence. I slur my words like I am drunk and the night is coming.

That is going to do it for today. You guys take care.

Freeman out.


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