Better things…..

What is it about the human condition that keeps us unsatisfied? It seems that our lives are spent in the never ending search for something better. As a people, or society we seem to never be satisfied with what we have achieved.

Time makes fools of us all. Our quest for “better” always seems to be a day late, a dollar short, and one small step behind. This throws fuel on our desire to accomplish the unachievable. Many people fall dead in their journey for better with never having reached it.

Our desire for better is never sated. We live for more money, more possessions, more power and more love. “We must have more” our unsatisfied heart screams out. When our time runs out, we are just a shallow representation of our life.

To avoid being a shallow husk with nothing to show for all of our effort, we must learn to live in the moments. After all, life is made of small moments where we truly shine in. The quest for more is hollow. We must learn to appreciate the gifts that God has given us. As time slowly dwindles down in our hourglass of life, we should realize that more will never bring us happiness.

More does not always equate out to better. Some things just don’t change because you have a better version of it.
A better wife will still get on your nerves. A better job will still see you lose the seniority that you have built up at your current job. More money will see you add to your bills, not lessen the financial burden. The Bible states, “that in whatever state I find myself, there I will be content.”

In being content, we learn the valuable lesson that we have enough. Being satisfied with our lives can lead us to be remotely stress free. We learn that the people in our life are enough. That we may not be rich but we don’t go hungry. That our career may not see us achieve CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but our place in the company we work for is secure. Life is about the small things. Good health, good people, lots laughter and a penchant for smiling are the tools of contentment.

You guys take it easy.

Freeman out.

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