Liam Neeson and thoughtless musings…..

This morning, I have come across an article stating that Mr. Neeson has made some racially charged remarks. Of course, the media has jumped all over it and announced that it is unmistakable white privilege that made him say it.

The remark in question concerned a friend of Neeson that said that she had been raped by a man of color. He stated that he considered violence on the man. Of course we should all immediately attack Mr. Neeson for feeling this way. Neeson clarified his remarks by saying he would have felt the same way if the perpetrator had been white. God forbid that we find rape to be disgusting and worthy of a violent encounter.

When did being a human being with strong feelings become a politically correct sin? Why can’t Neeson just feel the way that he does about this particular situation? Must everything be racist, sexist, homophobic and any other ism and phobia that you want to classify it?

When I was in the Army, I had a soldier that ran a child pornography ring out of his apartment. When he deployed, the unit found out about it. They shipped him back stateside to stand trial and I was tasked with going to pick him up. I made my position clear that it may not be the best idea to send me. Was it phobia or some other ism that made me feel this way? No, it was the fact that I am the father of two beautiful daughters, and I couldn’t understand how this person could hurt a child that made me feel this way.

America must find a way to move past this hyper sensitive, politically correct, blame everything on the white people bull crap. This insanity has gone on for long enough. Has anyone been helped by blaming one race for the troubles of all the rest? I didn’t think so. Perhaps, it is time that we all take accountability for our own lives, and accept the consequences of our own actions without blaming other people for our troubles. It is the only way that we will ever dig ourselves out of this pit of pity. I know, the truth hurts but the first step to recovery is to realize where we are.

Well, I had better shut this down before my white privilege shows up and gets me in trouble. You guys take care.

Freeman out.

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