Illegal immigrants, compassion and other randomness…..

Compassion is defined as, “sympathetic pity for the suffering or misfortune of others.” The media, talk show hosts, celebrities and other talking heads love to invoke the word compassion when discussing illegal immigrants. While I can understand the need for compassion, why are only illegal immigrants in need of it?

It has been said over and over, that conservatives can’t show compassion to this group of people. I beg your pardon? The insult that is often hurled at those of us on the right is that we don’t understand what these folks are fleeing. Okay let’s go there. It is not that we don’t understand or care that these folks are seeking a better life. Rather, it is because they sneak in and by doing so have already broken the law. Therefore, a law-breaker is known by another name….criminal.

Given the fact that they sneak across the border, they should not have the right to vote, nor to have drivers license, or to apply for welfare and government assistance. Sorry, you can’t be bothered to do one thing right, then you don’t get to live on the citizen’s dime or have the same perks. If found to be here illegally, they should immediately be deported back to their home country and then placed at the back of the line to come here.

I know, being this truthful makes me appear callous. Even if everyone is sugarcoating the truth, it doesn’t change the truth. Let me break loose on this for a moment. There is no “your truth.” There is only the truth. Your perspective of the truth is tainted with bias (so is mine). Let’s stick with stating only the truth of the matter. Switching back to the topic of immigration, a lack of border security is a national security matter. Regardless of how many people cry, a wall is needed.

I know, it is painful to hear this. However, it is high time that we show compassion to our homeless, our impoverished, our citizens and our middle class. It is time that we take care of OUR country. We are generous to every other dump on this planet, it is time to be generous to our people and do what is right for us.

You guys have a great day.

Freeman out.

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