Words of wisdom on how to avoid becoming a victim of a crime.

Recently, my daughter was threatened over social media. The threat was not vague, the perpetrator threatened to take her life. The dad in me wants to rush to Colorado and handle this situation in the only way that I know how. I have been instructed to let law enforcement deal with this case. They are investigating.

All night I have relived various tactics that was drilled into me as a young private in the Army. “Don’t be a soft target Freeman!” What is a soft target? It is when you appear to be unable to defend yourself. “Be a hard target! If the enemy wants to fight, take it to him!” Part of avoiding becoming a victim is to give an air of defiance that if they want to take it from you, they are going to have the worst day of their life.

As a father, I don’t want my daughter to be hurt. Nor do I wish for her to bear the scars that would come from killing the individual. However, scars heal. I know that law enforcement have tools that can be used to track this individual down. It is my fondest wish that they do find him. What bothers me is what comes next. If he is found, he will have to stand trial. Let’s face it, the criminal justice system is ate up.

Raymond Hernandez, committed three rapes on children aged 13, 19 months, and five. The first rape, the judge let him loose after posting 10,000 dollar bail. Then he was arrested again. He was cut loose after posting 20,000 dollars worth of bail. Then he raped a five year old. So, please excuse me for not believing that the criminal justice system can adequately punish criminals for their misdeeds.

There are other ways to make yourself a hard target, these include but are not limited to: avoid distractions, be situationally aware, don’t always feel like you must be nice to everyone, and learn how to protect yourself. Pepper spray, stun guns, and martial arts can level the playing field. You don’t always have to carry a gun, and if you do, you need to learn how to handle the weapon system effectively.

Speaking of guns, here are a few tidbits of information to keep you safe: If you are scared enough to brandish it, do not try to talk them down. You pull it, you use it. Find a weapon system that you are comfortable with. Everyone should not use a 9mm. Some folks don’t like the recoil, or the loudness of the weapon. A smaller caliber may be in order. A weapon should only be used as a last resort. It is unfortunate, but not every criminal will heed the warning given. If you must use your weapon to defend yourself or your children, understand that you were not given a choice. I am sure that some folks will misinterpret what I have written this morning, however, if it was your child being threatened you would understand my pain this morning.

You guys take care. Be safe out there.

Freeman out.


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