State of the Union address tonight… uncivil will it be?

The State of the Union address is tonight. Mere hours away and all of the reporters are trying to guess what the President will address. Seeing how immigration/border security shut down the government for over a month, I am sure that will be a subject that will be talked about. The economy is booming, so that will also be a subject that will be touted as an accomplishment of Trump’s Administration.

However, I wanna know how the other side will react to the speech. Already, the Democrats plan to bring “guests” to fill their seats. No doubt, many of them plan to bring chaos to the already tense situation. As I watch the news (it is playing on the tv in the restaurant) I can’t figure out what they think they will gain from showing their butts. Why can’t they for once be on the side of America?

Stacey Abrams will be speaking on the State of the Union address. Anyone have an idea about who she is? She is the candidate that lost the Georgia race for governor. Only in America can you lose an election and be the voice for your party. I generally don’t watch the STOU address, but I suppose I will keep up with it now.

Glancing out the window, the American flag is billowing in the wind. I feel that we have lost our identity as Americans. Questions flitter through my mind. When will our politicians figure out that they are our employees. You don’t get to skip the STOU. Nor do you get to bring illegals to the People’s House and pass it off as acceptable to break the law. Then again, most of these politicians are corrupt and guilty of criminal behavior. Therefore, it makes a weird kind of sense that they would revel in the company of criminals.

I feel for my country. We are in bad shape, when the politicians seek our demise and don’t care about it. That is all.

Freeman out.

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