So…..about tonight…..

First, let me start this short blog with a personality description about me. I am a retired soldier, and my sense of humor ranges from gallows humor to the far reaches of left field. Things that normal people find off-putting and shocking is generally right up my alley. I am sad to say, that tonight was a cluster due to my unruly and over the top humor.

I love to play to the crowd. Those that know me, know that I tell stories (often times gruesome stories) concerning my time in the military. Yes, I am aware that church is probably not the place to tell them, but unfortunately, I have done so in the past. I am going to curb that from now on.

Tonight has been personally embarrassing, and I have embarrassed the woman that I care very deeply for. Not to mention a slew of other people that has probably been blindsided by my failed attempt at humor.

So, in light of this I beg the forgiveness of you all. I will attempt from now on to curb my military stories and try to move on past the Army. That is all. God bless you and your families.

Freeman out.

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