A lifetime of love…..and an obsession with collecting.

Many times, I make the claim that true love does not exist. It is not because I truly believe this, its that I hope (but doubt) that I will ever have the experience myself. Especially in the sense that this man had it. In all regards, when I say it I am speaking about me.

However, as I have written in the past, I have met a gentleman who has convinced me that true love does exist. It is deeper than a simple devotion to his partner. Perhaps, love is deeper than a life-long journey together. When I hear the stories that this gentleman tells me when he visits my shop, I don’t just hear his words. It is like you can feel the love for his wife radiating deep within his soul. He speaks with a passion that is beyond compare. The depth of his love for her, even now, is something to be admired. He speaks of time that they spent together and it seems like it happened only yesterday for him.

When he speaks, I often wonder to myself where one would find such a love. I swear it is like the real life version of The Princess Bride. He would be an older Wesley. Perhaps, he would be the first Dread Pirate Roberts. To be honest, I am jealous. We all know that love is a bumpy road and that there are days that we all want to cash out. However, this man found a way to be madly in love with his partner until the day that she passed from this mortal coil. Even now, he loves her as much as he did when she was by his side. It is beautiful to witness this intense love in motion. Perhaps, it would be easier to say that it is poetry in motion.

His collection is a passion that he shared with his wife. Now that she is gone, he keeps his collection in pristine shape. He shares it with the public and relishes speaking about the pieces that they collected throughout the years. It is like this is his memorial to her, this collection of stuff that they searched out together. His voice drops to a whisper when he speaks of his wife. The reverence and respect that he shows her memory is as powerful as the love that is radiating in his heart. I don’t know if this man is an angel, but I know that he has made an indelible impression on my life. I told him that I would come up and peruse his collection this weekend, and by God’s grace I will not lie to this man. Saturday after shutting down the shop, I will be visiting this old timer and seeing what a lifetime of love will get you.

You guys take care.

Freeman out.

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