We are the light of the world…

I am going into my third day without propane, so to combat the cold I lit a few candles and broke out my electric heaters. This morning, I woke to a flickering light that shown through the darkness. No sooner had I awaken, when the song crossed my mind. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, my adolescent voice croaked out the words in embarrassing fashion. I sat for a bit and watched the flame dance and bow inside of the jar.

This is how we should be when we show the world our love of Jesus Christ. They should notice His compassion for them in us. The wick inside of this candle is burnt to a crisp, yet the flame also melts the wax. The sin that clings to our flesh will be melted by the flame of the Holy Ghost. We must be consumed by the fire inside of us. This flame inside the candle may bow to the whims of the wind, but it doesn’t go out, it may dance but it never stops. Thus, the Scripture reads, “We are the light of the world” May the Lord help us to be what He has called us to be. That is all.

Freeman out.

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