Highlighting the positive…..

This morning, I have written a blog, and posted a couple that I have written over the past few days. My mother this morning prodded me by stating, “Son, there is enough negative highlighted in the world. Why don’t you write a blog, highlighting good people and the positive things in the world?” Well mom, this blog is for you. Thank you for reminding me that the world is an amazing place with good people who are often overlooked.

Thank you to all of the pastors, church leaders, Sunday School teachers and more, for shining a light of love and hope into the darkness of the world.

To the military, firefighters, law enforcement personnel and first responders for charging head first into dangerous situations with no thought of your own lives.

To educators around this country who support, encourage and correct us.

To the farmers and cattlemen who grow crops, raise cattle and make sure that our stores are stocked with food and meat they have grown.

To the mechanics who keep our vehicles in good shape.

To truck drivers who criss-cross this country bringing goods to our stores.

To the poets, artists, and musicians, thank you for sharing your perspectives with us.

To the authors, thanks for entertaining us with your masterful works.

To all who support us, love us and care for us, I salute you all. I thank God daily for good people who surround us with love and prayers. May God richly bless your lives and may He wrap you in His arms of love. Take care.

Freeman out.

One thought on “Highlighting the positive…..

  1. I see a lot of good people doing many good things in this blog. Praise the Lord! Now to all the good people who are never recognized for their good deeds. Bless you each and every one for bringing a beam of light into a world of darkness! All is not list God has you all here for his purpose!!


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