Gov. Northam steps in it…..and is okay with infanticide.

The governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia decided to take a stand on the new abortion bill. He addressed the issue and promptly inserted his foot into his mouth. His statement included, “a child would be born, resuscitated, kept comfortable and the doctor and family would then make a decision.” Um, what is there to discuss? You have brought life into the world. The child has a heartbeat, a functioning brain, is breathing on its own, and has a soul. The next step, which Northam did not outright say would be the murder of this child.

Do you know what you call the murder of a child? Infanticide is the fancy term that people use to gloss over the violent removal of a child’s life. This is what the Governor of Virginia was hinting at yesterday. He lacks the spine to stand by his conviction, so he just dropped a few hints so he would not experience the blowback for being a crappy human being. Alas, it did not go well.

Frank Stephens is a man with Down Syndrome. He has addressed Congress, and he has said repeatedly that his life is worth living. Where do we get off making snap judgements on whose life is worth taking and worth saving? Who made us God? When did we lose our moral consciousness? I am just a poor redneck in the backwoods of Mississippi, and I can remember being raised that children are to be protected at all cost. At no point, did we ever consider that human life is a waste or that murdering a child is ok because it may have a deformity. Crap like this makes me want to run home to my mother and tell her thank you for giving me the chance to make something of myself.

People who think that it is okay to kill babies suck. That is all.

Freeman out.

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