Random insanity…..

I am at Hardee’s utilizing their internet. The restaurant is close to full as I sit here trying to organize my thoughts. Various topics flow through my mind this morning. Should I write about Medicare for all? Emotional responses vs. facts? The campaign season? Where did my country go? Does true love exist or is it just wasted effort and time? I can’t make up my mind. This paragraph has been written and erased over a dozen times this morning. Nothing seems to fit.

The sun is brightly shining this morning, but the wind and the cold temperatures bring the promise pneumonia and flu season. It seems that the wind is a lance that pierces the stoutest heart. And by the weekend, we should be back into the high 50’s and 60’s. It is beyond insane.

Speaking of insanity, it is often defined as, “repeatedly doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.” Well, I suppose that I am nuts then. As I glance back over my life, this definition pops up more often than not. Unfortunately, this seems to be my version of normalcy.

Well, I am going to kill this randomness this morning. Perhaps, something will come to me later. You guys have a great day, and I will catch up with you all later.

Freeman out.

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