Weakness has seeped into my bones. After unloading two trailers, I went to prayer meeting. It was a refreshing bit of prayer that restored my spirit but did nothing to relieve the weariness in my body. I am tired of fighting for hopeless causes. A dictionary is not readily available, so I will just say that in this instance, hopeless should be defined as devoid of hope. Then there are the numerous other instances that hopeless can be used to describe.

The struggle remains the same. Day after day, month after month, nothing ever changes. The only lens that change are the seasons. Winter slips to spring, spring vaults into summer, and summer lazily transitions to fall. Everything else remains the same.

I am weary of politicians who support death for infants. Liars in three piece suits, power plays and treasonous actions. They are only concerned for their well-being and have no sense of duty, honor, and country. Instead of lifting us up, they drag us further down the road to destruction.

The war on men and toxic masculinity has resulted in to many innocent casualties. It’s tiring. The shrill cry for men to be destroyed drowns out the warning for men to wake up. We live in a time when it is better to be a hermit than it is to be surrounded by people who seek your demise. The battle cry for the destruction of all things men is the siren song of the death of America.

America is the great shining beacon of freedom in a world dominated by leaders whom seek total control. Yet, for all of the rightness of America, we gleefully accept that our leaders care for our nation. Even with  a mountain of evidence that shows  they could care less as long as their pockets are lined with cash. It seems that everyone has a price. What is the price of our ignorant acceptance? The eradication of a nation that once stood for freedom and opportunity.

I am tired of feeling empty. Churches grow smaller while strip clubs grow larger. Our morals shrink under the intense scrutiny of those who have no morals. Churches go through the motions, and offer little spiritual growth. They preach an empty subset of salvation, and insist that your wallet will get you to heaven. Preachers are vilified for preaching heaven is real, hell is hot and homosexuality is wrong.

I am weary of those who are offended by the truth. Being truthful is frowned upon, especially when it is hurtful. The intense glare of the spotlight of truth is unappreciated. Instead of accepting it and growing from it, we seek to give an emotional response to it. Our feelings now trump the facts. It seems that everyone has a right, and no one has any responsibilities.

We ignorantly accept that abortion is a choice, but we must save the whales, trees, and every other thing that are not as valuable as human life. We accept that murder is okay, as long as it frees us from the consequences of our irresponsible choices. The government gleefully signs laws that allows the eradication of human life, but you had better not catch rainwater and violate federal statutes.

We have destroyed the mention of Jesus Christ in every avenue of our lives. You can’t find any trace of Him in our government, federal buildings, classrooms and in most homes. We are ridiculed for our faith, and mocked for mentioning that He is the cure for what ails us.Our homes and society suffers from the foolhardy belief that science trumps faith.

Children are left to their own vices, and we wonder while teen pregnacy is through the roof. We bully those who suffer in silence and wonder why the suicide rate is so high. We get married to get more money back on our tax returns, and wonder why our spouses choose infidelity over faithfulness. We allow our children to commit virtual murder of innocent civilians and law enforcement, and wonder why they have no respect for human life.

Our society works two or more jobs to acquire stuff that brings temporary happiness. The keep up with the Jones mentality keeps us running, while our hearts and souls are empty. We burn the candle at both ends and wonder why our lives are so stressful. We seek fulfillment in sports events, alcohol, and  drugs and never realize that the church has access to life everlasting.

As a country that was built upon the belief that Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone, we have turned our back on the one person who sacrificed all for the sins of the world. He carried His cross on a back that was ripped flesh. He was vilifed while never doing anything wrong. Then He was hung on the cross between Heaven and Earth so that we may have the opportunity to have a friend that is closer than a brother. How do we repay Him? We clutter our lives with meaningless objects, and distractions that keep us from spending time with our Creator. May God forgive us for our negligence.

Freeman out.

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