The immigration issue…..

I will start this blog with a disclaimer. It is never my intention to be offensive. However, I am not going to sugarcoat the truth. I share my opinions, so that we may know where I stand. The intention is that we may have a conversation about issues that impact our communities and nation. That is all.

The latest string of lies and politcial gymnastics has led me to feeling that America is stuck in a downward spiral with no hope of righting the course. For instance, the Democrats and Republicians have lost the ability to compromise. We (Americans) seem to have lost the ability to negotiate a settlement. Both sides beat the drums of war, and refuse to budge. This border wall that the president keeps trying to build is just another issue in a long line of issues where both parties stall any progress.

Let’s cut straight through the crap and get down to brass tacks. How many people sleep with your back door wide open? No one does. It is a security risk that all of us are unwilling to chance. The border is no different. It has been repeatedly said over the past few years, we are not against immigration. We are against illegal immigration. Why? Because not everyone that comes here illegally has the best intentions for our nation. Then there is the astronomical crime rate that the criminal element commits upon our populace.

To be fair, there are people in these caravans that seek a better way of life. However, you can’t figure that out if you don’t screen the caravan. There are multiple questions that need to be answered concerning these caravans. Where is the money coming from to support these caravans? What is the goal of the organizations that support these illegal immigrants? As an American soldier, who has seen first hand the problems that arise when people abuse the systems in place, I believe that the border is a national security risk.

You have no compassion man! We are part of the global community man! Lay down your bong long enough for this to sink in. You can’t protect sheep like the majority of people today with acceptance and kind words. The enemies of the United States will use weapons, suicide bombers, caravans, unchecked immigration, fiscal attacks, and the eradication of the infrastructure of the US to bring us to our knees. They have bad intentions for every one of us.

You sound like a conspiracy theorist man! Perhaps, but if you had seen the damage brought on by people with no respect for the laws that govern society like I have, you would be worried too. Terrorists have zero respect for human life. Otherwise, why would they use children to carry out attacks against soldiers? When people call for the murder of the United States you don’t allow them to move in and give them access to power within the government. When your religious beliefs call for the death of nonbelievers, you should not be allowed to make laws in this country. It’s not rocket science.

However, given the current state of American politics, it is difficult to see how things will ever turn around. The Democrats and some Republicians do not like the current president. Therefore, they feel this need to impede any and all plans that the president seeks to put into place. We are shooting ourselves in the foot when our politicians do this. Every time that the current president opens his mouth, the media and leftists dissect every word; searching for the insult or hoping that he has given them something to use against him or his family. I hope to God that he never claims to love bacon or coffee. They will want to ban it, and I will die a miserable death.

I would submit that both parties and the president should sit down and formulate a plan to deal with the security risk at our Southern Border. However, that is a pipe dream and is in no way founded in reality. You guys take care and I will catch up with you later.

Freeman out.

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