McDonalds by morning…..

It has been an early morning, I have been awake since 0315. The news is quietly playing in the background. As I peruse the headlines, it seems like it is the same ole, same ole. Law enforcement agents have been shot, politicians still hate Trump, CNN is still fake news, on and on it goes.

People slowly drift in here at McDonald’s. One of the employee’s can be overheard talking about all of his friends have either been shot or overdosed. Well, crap. The speed eater to my right has chomped down his meal in record time and is now biting his fingernails. An elderly gentleman, decked out in a Florida Marlins cap, folds his napkin and inspects his table for crumbs. Such is life here in a small town.

I am a huge fan of small town living. Life is slower, and more deliberate. As a small town boy, I find the pace to be comforting. We have momentary lapses where life kicks over into high gear, however, for the most part we enjoy the slow ebb and flow of life here. If I were to move back to a city, I would stay here in Mississippi. Oxford seems like a place that I could enjoy life. Hattiesburg, is home and I always enjoyed life there. It makes no sense for me to move out of state again, although I have a strong desire to visit Montana.

Speedy and the gentleman in the ball cap have left. I am all alone here in McDonald’s, the irritating beep of the deep fryer my only company. The incessant beep, beep, beep makes me wish that the managers would do their jobs instead of attempting to keep up with each other’s social lives. Well, it is finally off and the quietness is occasionally broken by a lid being pressed down or small portions of conversation drift through the restaurant.

My coffee could use warming up. I suppose I will go get me a refill. You guys take care and I will chat with you all soon.

Freeman out.

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