Abortion….the genocide of innocent life…..

I am still angry about this law in New York that allows for the unsanctioned murder of innocent infants up to the day before birth. However, I decided to inform myself about what steps are taken to have an abortion. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

First you make an appointment with your primary care doctor, then you decide what type of abortion fits your busy life, the “doctor” plans for the procedure, and you follow the aftercare plan. Who said murder is complicated? This information is provided by the Alabama Women’s Clinic. Perhaps, it would be better if we called Planned Parenthood a slaughterhouse instead of a women’s health clinic.

Women shouldn’t have to live with their mistakes! We have a “right” to choose what happens to our bodies! Okay then, let’s follow your logic. Since, we have legalized the murder of infant children, then let’s go all out. We should legalize wholesale murder. You are allowed to murder anyone without cause (after all, why take any responsibility for anything)? Liberals are always shouting about equality, then men should have the right to take innocent lives as well.

What about the infant’s right to life? We may have aborted the cure to cancer and AIDS numerous times over, yet we never stop to think about that. According to the Declaration of Independence, we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Where do we get off, thinking that our “rights” trump another’s? Abortion is a savage practice in carrying out the racist agenda of mass killer’s worldwide. After all, a mass killer’s agenda is the eradication of human life.

Abortion is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as,” the expulsion of a fetus before it is viable.” At six weeks, the baby’s heartbeat can be seen on the ultrasound. If life ends because your heart stops beating, why doesn’t it begin when the heartbeat starts? At 39 weeks, a child is 7-9 pounds, and between 17-21 inches long. Their brain is 30% bigger than it was 4 weeks ago. The global society is okay with ending this precious gift because they feel they have a “choice“. As a society, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

This is an emotional subject, and I am tired of hearing about how men of all shades and color hate women. I am sick of being told that it is a choice to kill an infant. People are such hypocrites. They are perfectly fine with a woman lying back and having a fetus cut into pieces inside her body or being vacuumed out like some unwanted thing. God forbid you have a weapon and use it to defend you and your family. Your hypocrisy is showing.

Every body agrees that Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini, Ho Chi Minh, Foday Sankoh, Stalin, and other genocidal leaders are evil human beings. They all have one thing in common. There was no empathy for their fellow man. They share a lack of respect and value of human life. Yet for all of the list that I have generated this morning, none of them have one abortion doctor on the list.

I have read an article this morning about an abortion doctor who was performing a 16-17 week abortion. After ripping the legs off of this tiny human being, he pulled the rest of the fetus out. A small movement caught his eye. The fetus’s chest slowly moved up and down trying to breathe. Outside of her mother’s womb, not yet fully developed, it sought to keep living. He had violated the first rule of medicine, “do no harm”. Animals do not kill their young, and an animal can only act within its nature. Only reptilian, psychopathic, “human” beings would find this savage practice okay.

May God forgive us for our savagery.

Freeman out.

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