This morning, my mind is skittering from topic to topic. Information overload is bound to happen at some point. Generally, I try to avoid news, and the hurried pace of life. However, I am at McDonald’s waiting for my church bus route to start, and the news is playing quietly in the background.

Yet, the thought that stayed with me this morning is sheep. Sheep are a defenseless animal, unless they have a shepherd. The role of the shepherd is to keep the sheep together, and to protect the sheep from predators that seek to harm them. It is safe to say that sheep that have strayed from the safety of the flock and shepherd do not last long in the wild. Only when they are in the confines of the flock and under the protection of the shepherd do sheep flourish.

I have written many blogs calling for the closure of America’s borders in order to protect our citizens. I am not ashamed to say that I believe this should be a concern for all of us. However, I woke this morning to the question: Are my spiritual borders secure? Or have I allowed sin and weights to creep in and affect my heart? I find it interesting that the hapless, defenseless, meals-on-wheels, sheep provide the life-saving antidote for snakebites. Regardless of what may arise in our lives, the power to remit our sins lies in the Lamb’s blood.

You guys take care. I will chat with you all soon.

Freeman out.

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