Abortion law in New York….where is the infant’s right to life?

Given New York’s lapse of mental acuity, I have to question our society’s ability to respect human life. This latest bill, which passed 38-28 shows that we as human beings have completely lost our bearings when it comes to abortion and human life. It is no wonder that people are perfectly okay with mass killings. Oh but that’s different! No it isn’t. Murder is murder, either way it is a heinous waste of life. It is more of a travesty where abortion is concerned. A woman, now has the ability to kill a child up to the day before it is birthed.

This lack of consciousness is on par with other horrifying crimes against humanity. Yeah, I said it and no I don’t give a crap if people don’t like it. People who perform these abortions share the same lack of empathy as mass murders throughout the history of the world. Animals don’t treat their young this way. In giving us the ability to think and the free will to choose our path, God separated us from the animals. Yet, some people are okay with the murder of an infant as long as it frees them of their responsibilities. God forbid that there are consequences to your actions.

I am so sick of hearing that it is a woman’s right to choose. No, it isn’t. You don’t get to decide to kill an innocent life because you are an irresponsible *derogatory words go here*. You don’t get to kill an infant because you didn’t want to be a parent. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes!

I find it amazing that all of these pro-abortion individuals are already born and wasting God-given oxygen. Yeah, I am not happy about this. This lack of respect for human life has seeped into our culture and affected our moral consciousness. We no longer know which way is up, and actions like this drags us further into the cesspool. We, as a society are drowning in our own crap. Everything that is wrong with this country can be traced back Roe vs. Wade. Since 1973, 15.5 million African American babies have been slaughtered on the altar of “choice”. These people who share the same mentality of those who burst into cheers in the Senate Chambers in New York, are the same who screech the loudest about racism and tolerance for all. It disgusts me.

That is all. I no longer want to live on this planet.

Freeman out.

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