Randomness of a Charlie Foxtrot….

Yesterday was a Charlie Foxtrot. It was one to end all Charlie Foxtrots. Today has been no better. Sickness breeds frustration and it is usually a bad combination to include dealing with people when you want to curl up and die.

I am sure that I am not alone in feeling that things tend to get sideways when you aren’t feeling well. However, the randomness of a cluster is that it doesn’t take much to cause one. Are you not feeling well? Here is some family drama with your name on it! Or perhaps its that everything you say is misconstrued, misrepresented, and misunderstood. Or perhaps it is your child using your aching body as a wrestling mat. Or perhaps the bill collectors are lined up at your door with their hands out. There is no way to make sense of the chaotic nature of a cluster.

The chaos of a cluster is that it blows up over little things. Even the Bible states: It’s the little foxes that destroy the vines. Yesterday, I was convinced that I should burn everything that I own and disappear. Obviously, I changed my mind, but the thought still lingers. There is no way to put a positive spin on life getting sideways. It happens to the best of us. Running away from our random clusters is never the answer. I can hear my Drill Sergeants yelling; “suck it up cupcake!” At some point we must embrace the suck and power through it.

That is going to do it for me today. You guys take care and I will catch up with you later.

Freeman out.

P.S. I did not weaponize this blog. At no point was it aimed intentionally at any specific person, for any specific purpose. Nor is it intended to harm, upset or offend anyone that may read said blog. It is meant to entertain, and possibly start a conversation. That is all.

Freeman out again.

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