AOC, Dr. King, and the difference between the two.

This morning, I was reading an article about Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and an interview that she gave on Monday. In this interview she claimed that we had “12 years” to correct climate change before humanity perished. Wow! A dozen years before we eradicate all life off of this rock. Whatever will we do?

However, as wild as her predictions are, it was the interviewer that just blew me away. He boldly proclaimed that she was the living embodiment of Martin Luther King. I’m sorry, what? At no junction do I see any resembalance to Dr. King. AOC uses scare tactics to push her agenda. She proclaims that if we do not subscribe to her wildly out of touch ideology that we are subversives. It has been proven time and again that she is wholly out of touch with reality. Nah man, she is no Dr. King. In many ways, AOC and her groupies could be labeled terrorists. They are okay with violence being used to persuade others to her cause. Fear and violence are tools used in terrorism. Enough said.

I understand that she is young. However, the truth is not subjective. Nor is it dependent upon our perspective. The truth is the truth, regardless of how many people disagree with it. I get that the lady is charismatic. So were many leaders who later turned on their people. Charisma aside, look at the policies that she embraces. She is for many programs that would annihlate the infrastructure of American society.

Dr. King on the other hand was a civil rights leader and stood for justice and progress in the arena of race relations. He did not embrace fear. He did not use scare tactics to achieve his dream. Instead, he embraced the idea that love would conquer all. At no point did Dr. King ever give in to hate or threaten is enemies. To compare Ms. Cortez to him, is an insult to the dignity of a good man and his dream of peace.

At the end of the day, we should all embrace the idea that love is stronger than hate. We should choose to love one another, regardless of our differences politically. You guys take care and I will chat with you all later.

Freeman out.

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