Journalist….supposed guardians and seekers of truth….

After my last blog, I told myself to let it go. I haven’t been able to so I figured I would write the frustration out in another blog. Journalism is dead. Walter Cronkite may have been the last guardian of truth in journalism. He read the news, without bias, and then let you make up your own mind. In today’s society they would accuse him of being a conservative. He is a dangerous, right-wing zealot!

Or perhaps they would accuse him of being a misogynistic, serial sexual predator (without any evidence of course). Today, we have known liars feeding us our indoctrination pills. They pass off their opinions and conjecture as truth. The masses swallow it wholesale. CNN has proof that Donald Trump hasn’t paid his taxes! Fox News accuses Obama of being a sell-out! On and on it goes.

A reporter’s job is to report the truth, without bias. It is not to spout their opinion and pass it off as the truth. Sources have always been a reporter’s tool to gather information. They have always been protected. However, when ten sources tell you the same thing verbatim, you should probably dig deeper. No one is capable of telling the same story without changing it to a small degree. Corruption and bias has seeped into the media’s soul. They openly attack the president, his family and staff. They call for his impeachment and slander his children.

Many still wonder why Trump labels the media America’s enemy. Or calls them fake news. If you don’t want to wear the label, perhaps you should stick to doing your job. Research your information, report your findings and stop being a douchebag. He may not like you, but he will respect you. It has gotten to the point where the media can’t be trusted to tell you the ingredients of your pizza or calzone.

At the end of the day, my ranting over the media and everything else is nothing more than just frustration set loose on digital paper. I hope that you are all doing well and having a great weekend. Take care of yourselves.

Freeman out.

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