Grounded…..the government shutdown continues…..

The government is still shutdown. Government employees are still out of work, and our lovely politicians have shown their true colors (again). That about sums it up. The president refuses to back down, and the Democrats are bent that they are not going to back down, so I suppose the shutdown will last for a bit longer.

The president grounded Nancy Pelosi’s flight to Afghanistan, Egypt, and somewhere else. I totally agree with this move by the president. You refuse to compromise even when he agrees to temporary measures in your party’s favor? Fine. It is no time to take a sweet vacation to schmooze with leaders of other countries when your own people are out of work.

It has been almost a month since the government shutdown. I blame both parties for this failure. It seems like being reasonable is a thing of the past. When 800,000 people are out of work, both sides should set aside the petty B.S. and labor to get them back to work. Instead, what has happened is the Democrats have enough people to block any trajectory in resolving the issue. The Republicans lack the spine to do what is necessary to pass it. So, we are shutdown.

If I was the president, I would concede by telling Congress to help me bring home the troops. Then I would move to absorb the Border Patrol into the FBI, and local law enforcement. I would place the military on the border. Then I would issue out the rules of engagement. The ROE would be: Anything attempting to cross the border illegally is an enemy of the United States. Shoot to kill.

That seems a bit harsh doesn’t it? As soon as the politicians raised a stink about my new plan, I would then issue my ultimatum. Either get off your sorry butts and work with me, or your future voters are going to wish they had stayed at home. Yes, it is heavy-handed. No, I don’t care that it is offensive. When it comes to protecting OUR country, nothing is off the table.

However, I am not the president. My little plan will never come to fruition, although it should. American politicians lack the spine to do what is necessary. Most of these lazy, selfish, worthless piles of excrement have never put on a military uniform. Therefore, they have no idea the horrors that lurk beyond our borders. 

Oh you’re a terrorist? That’s okay, you seem like a nice person. You want to become a nuclear power? Sure, we will fund you. We know you were having a bad day when you called us the Great Satan and wished death upon us and our children. Take the blinders off already. Benghazi happened, and our politicians sat back and did nothing to correct it. Gandafi tried to do this in the 80’s. Reagan put a missile through his house. That is the only correct action in these circumstances. However, our “leaders” decided to draw a red line and issue a warning. What type of spineless **** allows four of our countrymen to die in a third world dump with no action taken?

Yet, these spineless fools now want to show their butts because the president wants to fix the issue. There used to be a term for people like this. Traitors, one and all. I actually wrote their names out, but have decided against posting them. These Benedict Arnolds’ have crushed the spirit of our great country. American culture is not exceptional! We should be more like the rest of the world! Go travel the rest of the world and come back home and see if we aren’t exceptional. Go to Iraq with your feminist movement and see what happens. You disagree with the president? Go put Cuba’s leader on blast on national television and see how long it takes to find yourself in prison. Only in America can you be stupid and get away with it.

Here is to hoping that the government shutdown will end soon. I am sure the 800,000 employees currently out of work are beginning to wonder how they are going to pay their bills. Let’s hope that our “leaders” will come to a compromise sooner rather than later.

Freeman out.

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