Gardening, life, and putting down roots.

I am going to start my blog today with an apology. It was a sleepless night for me last night, so if this blog is filled with errors and horrendous sentence structure, I apologize. In the future, I will attempt to make sure that I am well-rested.

My sleep last night was interrupted by a toothache that would not cease. Off and on I would get up and swish warm saltwater, and take copious amounts of Aleve, cough syrup, and other pain relievers. The toothache may not kill me but I am sure putting miles on my liver. To those who will take me to task for my humor, I know its not a joke.

My sleepless night has continued throughout today. For a month now, I have told myself countless times to work in my flowerbed. Something always seemed to come up, so I figured I would tire myself out today. As I made my way to my shop, I grabbed tools that I would need. Sledgehammer? Check. Shovel? Check. Rake? Check roger. Standing in front of the flowerbed, the rotten posts glared at me in disgust.

Reaching for the sledgehammer, I felt a smile cross my lips as I prepared to destroy the post. Finally, I get to dish out some pain instead of receiving it! As my hammer crashed into the rotten wood, the correlation between this rotten wood and life crossed my mind. When my mother and I first formed these flowerbeds, we used the very best material that we could find. In the sunshine we nailed the posts together. We poured large amounts of mulch into the form and gently planted the flowers. Often, I would watch my mother take her garden hose and water the plants ever so lovingly. Everything was as it should be.

As with all things, time and storms can bring decay. Friendships, relationships, career and other aspects of our lives are not immune to hardships. If my mother and I had used treated lumber, then I could have postponed this little gardening exercise for a while longer. It is no different with personal relationships/careers. We must make an effort to keep our garden squared away. A small bit of TLC from me would have kept the flowerbed in good shape. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but just like these rotten posts in my front yard, if we do not do the necessary bits our careers and relationships will fall into a state of decay.

I have an idea of how I want to reformat my flowerbed. Instead of going back with treated post, I have decided to lay brick instead. It will shore up the flowerbed and it will provide the clean appearance that I am seeking. As for my personal life, I plan on shoring up my relationships with people. Life is too short to allow our personal lives to fall into ruin.

You guys take care of yourselves and I will chat with you all soon. Be safe out there.

Freeman out.

P.S. I have not targeted anyone with my blog. Even in a state of exhaustion, I made a conscious effort to avoid anything that could be misconstrued as offensive. Plus, I am looking for a gardener. Ya’ll be good, and if you can’t be good; be good at it. If you can’t be good at it, look good doing it!

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