Racism and the hypocrisy. The tools used to keep us divided.

Today, there has been a lot of racket stirred up by the talking heads concerning race relations. As a native son of Mississippi, I have a pretty good idea of what racism looks like. Cue the butthurt. This blog will be about racism and the hypocrisy of those who screech the loudest.

I have always found the subject of racism to be unwieldy in conversation. The dreaded “R” word conjures up the most vile expressions. If one was to conduct a poll of the United States, I have no doubt that it would overwhelmingly show that we think racism is wrong. As with any topic, there are many different views on the subject.

America has a stain when it comes to race relations. The Republican Party claims to be the party of Lincoln. The Democrats also claim to be against racism as well. I will not be espousing the revisionist history that modern society enjoys telling. Let’s take a gander at the truth.

At the beginning of the Civil War, the South’s economy was based on agriculture. Cotton was the crop that Southerners grew and they had a strong economy. Due to the hard work of picking cotton, 350,000 (approximately) slave owners kept slaves for labor. These 350,000 slave owners were the minority given that the population of the South numbered around 6 million (Kelly, 2018). The invention of the cotton gin helped establish cotton as the crop to grow and it was profitable. Who did the Southerners sell their cash crop to? The Northern states. You know, those boys in blue who came down here and “liberated” the slaves. They were no better of course. The North had slaves as well, but you will not find that in your history book. They also had a strong influx of European refugees who were fleeing famine, and they could be hired for cheap wages (Kelly, 2018).

However, as with war in general, there were multiple reasons why war was declared on the South. Economic interests, cultural issues, and the power of the Federal government to control the states, these were some of the reasons that war was declared. Cue the ensuing bloodbath. Mississippi alone lost over 75,000 men during the Civil War. That is not to mention the burning of our crops, our homes, and destroying our entire way of life. You had better not harbor any ill feelings about it either!

The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments of the Constitution deal with abolishing slavery, granting the right to vote to the newly freed slaves, and granted citizenship to the former slaves. I wonder how the two party system voted on these Amendments. Let’s have a look. The 13th Amendment passed 119-56 with several Democrats abstaining. The 14th passed 33-11 (senate.gov, n.d.). The 15th passed 144-44. At every junction the Democratic Party fought tooth and nail to stop it.

Let’s let go of the past and come back to our time here in the present. It seems that in this present age that the scripts have switched. The Republican Party is Satan personified, and the Democrats are pro-refugee, pro-minority, open borders etc. It is interesting to me how this has all transpired. Racism has seen the formation of the Ku Klux Klan which was organized by a Democrat. The ensuing chaos and violence was powered by the Democrats. In modern times however, we are too enlightened to dress up our hate and burn crosses in your yard. We must be more covert in our disdain of anything different.

To show that thinly disguised racism still exists, I will call forth my witness. She is considered a personal hero of Hillary Clinton and many of today’s feminist. I give you Margret Sanger. In 1925, a speaker at an international birth control gathering (in New York) spoke about the black and yellow peril. It was not a Klansman or a Nazi, rather it was a doctor from Margret Sanger’s American Birth Control League (ABCL). Sanger herself, contended that the “unfit should be sterilized.” Little Miss Eugenics laid the groundwork for Planned Parenthood. This organization has killed over 15 million African American babies since 1973 (BlackGenocide.org).

Cue the Great Society program crafted by none other than Lyndon B. Johnson. Great Society program, nah, it’s more like the failed welfare system that we use today. According to Snopes.com, LBJ did not utter, “I will have those N word voting Democrat for 200 years.” Then again Snopes is a far left fact checking site. So, trust them if you want. With the creation of the welfare system and the legalization of abortion, it is the African American families that have been dealt the cruelest blow. The single parent stats show that a child has a 66% chance of growing up in a one parent home. It is the highest percentage of the races listed (datacenter.kidscount.org, 2018).

If you are going to view racism, then you need to see the whole picture. Does racism exist? Absolutely. The days of hood-clad Klansmen are over. Now, failed policies, programs and the outright genocide of African American children are the weapons that are used. How do we move forward from here? I would submit that we eradicate the policies that keep families from seeking improvement. This includes the welfare state. We cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood and allow that hateful organization to fail. Then we as good human beings, lift each other up and start anew. However, that is just a fantasy. Racism is a tool that the elites use to keep us divided. As long as there are people, there will be those who instigate and push racist behavior.

At the end of the day, we can hope and pray that things will change. As the Scripture reads: “If I had hope in this life only, I would be a man most miserable.” Thankfully, one day we will move on to a better place. Until then it is upon us to love one another. Take care and I will chat with you soon.

Freeman out.






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