Good men (continued)…..

Yesterday, I started a blog about the characteristics of a good man. Since, I am not feeling well today, I figured I would caveat on to the already published blog. Here is to hoping that I will feel better soon.

As a young boy growing up in South Mississippi, I was surrounded by examples of what a man should be. Here are a few traits that men should possess: tough, decisive, gentle with women and children, loyal, truthful, trustworthy and they should stand for what they believe in. These traits were instilled in me as a young adolescent. My mother always told my brother and I, “you should be able to gauge a man’s strength by his handshake.” He should be clean if he is not working. When he is working he should look like he has been toiling feverishly. He should be a provider and protector for his family. These lessons were taught to every young man that I knew. We all seemed to have parents who wanted their sons to grow into good men.

Unfortunately, we did not all adhere to the lessons that our parents taught us. However, those of us who chose to go a different way, did not do so because they had not been instructed on how to be a good man. Therefore, it stands to reason that parents are the primary instructor when it comes to setting their sons and daughters up for success.

It may be my illness, but in today’s society there seems to be a strong dislike of masculinity. Old fashioned masculinity seems to be dying in our search for a kinder, gentler, more feminine male. Toxic masculinity must die, the feminists screech. What exactly is toxic about being a man? There are bad apples in both genders. I know men that would never shy away from helping anyone. These men would give you their last dollar to help you and the shirt off their back if you needed it. Perhaps it is not masculinity that is the problem.

We men are not without our faults. Neither are women. Each gender has issues that they should correct. However, it takes a man and a woman to create life. It stands to reason that each gender is needed if we plan on future generations carrying the torch. This war on men/women must cease. About a month ago, I read an article (I can’t remember where) that stated that due to the #MeToo movement, men were taking steps to protect themselves from false claims of sexual harassment. Men would not have one-on-one meetings with women, they filmed consent videos to protect themselves when out with women, and the list goes from there. Every woman is not a radical feminist waging war on men, and not every man is a rapist.

I have always been told that good men are hard to find. Nah, chances are they are crawled up under a junker somewhere trying to get another 100 miles out of their vehicle. As a father of two daughters, I hope that my little ladies will find a man that will be good to them when they settle down.

By no means are the traits that I listed comprehensive. There are several more traits that good men should possess. However, for the sake of this article, I listed a few. I hope that this blog finds you guys doing well. Take care of yourselves and I will chat with you soon.

Freeman out.

P.S The article about consent videos can be found at the following link:

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