What are the characteristics of a good man?

Today, I attended the funeral of a church member. As I sat on the back pew, I listened as my pastor spoke briefly on the life of this man. The one thing that I picked up from my pastor’s opening statement was that he was a good man. However, it was when he proclaimed that the man was faithful that he really got my attention. He was faithful to his wife and kids, his career, friends and family. He was also faithful to the church and God. It got me thinking about the characteristics of a good man.

After doing a quick Google search, it seems that a good man should exhibit some of these qualities: He is a gentleman, honest, direct, faithful, and must have integrity. At no point has money entered the picture. It seems that a good man is one that takes care of his family, is faithful to the people that they care about, and is trustworthy. These traits and characteristics are invaluable.

I have been searching my life to see if I qualify to be called a good man. In my eyes, I don’t. As I listened today each person who spoke of this man honored him for living his life with such zeal and dedication. At the end of my life, I hope that someone will back at my time here and declare that I too was a good man.

Well, I am going to wrap this up. It is time for something sugary and caffeinated to perk me up. You guys take care and I will chat with you soon.

Freeman out.

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  1. You are a good man… a FREEMAN!

    You may not see your good qualities…but others do! Course I could be a wee bit prejudice concerning my husband and sons…but that is what moms and wives do!


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