There goes the neighborhood…..

We are coming up on several announcements of who will be running for President in 2020. As usual there is a varied field to start eyeing who will do the best job for the country. It seems that we just sat through one of the worst mudslinging campaigns of all time. Both sides hurled insults, traded barbs and bloodied each other in the bid for power. It seems that this next election cycle will be no different.

No one loses gracefully anymore. Instead, what usually occurs is the losing candidate will stick around to explain why they lost. They blame everything on the other candidate, and accept little to no blame for their part in losing. Then they get television spots and criticize the President and their decisions. As if they would do any better.

What really bothers me though is how they parrot each others plans. We are going to revamp healthcare! Free college for everyone! On and on it goes. It seems that if you do not have an original thought or plan, then we should limit the amount of candidates that can run. If the media is only going to question the popular candidates, why bother having more than the two that they want to see run?

Thus the shallow nature of politics. It has gotten to the point that all the candidates do is say what the majority wants to hear (mind you, it’s hollow locution). They have absolutely no intention of keeping their promises to the American people. If I was to run for President, I would simply state that I have no intention of honoring anything I said on the campaign trail. I am here only for the 24/7 protection and salary. At least it would be a refreshing bit of honesty.

Corruption has seeped in, and both parties are guilty of abusing the trust of the American people. On one hand, it has been fun watching Trump take a sledgehammer to the establishment. He is the most politically incorrect President of my lifetime. I like it. Tell the truth. It doesn’t matter to me if you aren’t nice about it. Because if the bulk of us were honest, he says a lot of things that we think in the privacy of our own homes. That does not mean that I swallowed everything he has said. I wish someone would unplug his Twitter account. Also, I wish he would use better judgement when dealing with military matters. That being said, he has shaken things up in Washington, where the establishment has stagnated long enough.

However, I must confess that I am looking forward to what the next election cycle will bring. I am also looking forward to seeing how much the population has grown when the election cycle ends. Perhaps, we can finally get back to being proud of our heritage. That would be a nice change of pace.

That is going to do it for me today. You guys take care and I will catch up with you soon.

Freeman out.

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