Memphis VA musings.

I am waiting outside the dermatology office with my dad this morning. We left Mississippi at 0430, and made it here shortly before 0630.

I am not a fan of the VA. The scars of soldiers are on full display. The haunted eyes look through you. Eyes that you know have seen to much. The base nature of humanity has been witnessed by these men and women.

Our name has been called and we have moved back to the waiting room. The news is reporting a string of armed robberies. Crime is going to occur regardless of the neighborhood. It just seems more rampant in urban areas.

Now we have switched to the shutdown of the government. Well, I feel for the federal employees who are not being paid. If you toil and labor, you should be paid for your work. However, government shutdowns are nothing new. Every time comprise is unreachable they shutdown “non-essential ” departments. Question: why do we have non-essential departments to begin with?

People are stirring and it seems we may be seen soon. Here is to hoping you guys have a wonderful day. Take care of yourselves and I will chat with you soon.

Freeman out.

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