Random musings….about socialism and other happenings.

I am in the library in Tishomingo, Mississippi attempting to write my blog. However, my thoughts are scattered today. My computer has died again. I have restored it to factory settings and while it will boot up, it will freeze shortly after that. I am now running the repair program, hoping against hope that it will correct whatever the underlying issue may be.

I have been boning up on my reading as of late. I have received a number of Dean Koontz novels that have captured my attention. Yet, it has not held my attention. I am still in the first chapter of an Odd Thomas adventure.

Recently, I have written quite a bit about Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. To be honest she frightens me. It is not because she is a socialist. Nor is it because she is a firebrand. Her ignorance is what scares me. She acts like the funds generated by the effort of others is her own personal slush fund. I will redistribute the money, because it makes me feel good! Her pipe dream of Medicare-for-all will be taxpayer funded. She dreams of raising taxes to 80% on the wealthy. What happens when the wealthy runs out of money? How will she fund her other agendas then?

I read numerous articles yesterday how young people identify as socialist. Capitalism is the devil! What makes socialism such a good program in their eyes? I am sure it has nothing to do with the variety of happenings that are promised via this empty-headed ideology. Free school, exuberant pay raises, free healthcare, and more free stuff! It seems to me that while they are enjoying their “free” stuff, that someone, somewhere will be breaking their back to pay for it. This generation of slothful, brain-dead idiots are willing to sacrifice everything for the promise of a wonderful life built upon the efforts of someone else. They are too young to remember people standing in line for toilet paper in the USSR. Or the times that people were thrown into gulags.

To be honest, this topic irritates me to no end, so I am going to switch gears. The wind is whipping out here where I live. If it was not so high today, I would definitely go fishing. Nothing beats a good day at the lake. No worries, stress or idiots to push your buttons. There is just you, your dog and the fish. Well, maybe I will be able to go soon.

This is where I am going to end it today. You guys have a wonderful day. It is my wish that you guys have a great day. Take care and I will chat with you soon.

Freeman out.

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