Beautifully broken, and the struggle to piece it all together.

Life has a way of crushing us into tiny, vulnerable pieces. Rising debt, unhappy career choices, and failing marriages are some of the ways that life applies pressure. If it looks like you are going to be able to handle the pressure that life has applied to you, it throws a couple more things on your already maxed load. It repeats this process until we snap under the weight. 

When we snap, our pieces scatter into the four winds. Broken, we struggle to find the pieces of our life that were discharged in every direction. Once we have located all the pieces we are left with a pile of crap that is useless. Sitting in the ashes of what was once a beautiful life, it now appears to be hopeless. We try over and over to put our life back together using the puzzle pieces, however, we have no adhesive to hold it together. Inwardly we scream every time that our life falls apart. Why won’t you stay together?

Little do we realize that our brokenness is an opportunity to start anew. There is beauty in being broken. Pain comes from being broken, however, the pain is only temporary. Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, we are born again to try once more. Life is not a marathon to be conquered, it is not a slow trudge to be feared either. In our brokenness we learn to live again. Life is a series of steps, some may be large others may be small. All of them lead us to the next mountain top after we conquer our valleys.

The Bible informs us that we have a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Faith is the glue that keeps the pieces stable. Trials and tribulations may slam into us, but faith keeps us in sync. It is with faith that we overcome the obstacles and traps that seek to hinder us from living our lives to our fullest potential. The struggle is real, but we have a choice. We can sit in the ashes and moan about our brokenness. Or we can realize that our brokenness is the gateway to our new beginning.

That is going to do it for this morning. You guys have a wonderful day. Take care.

Freeman out.

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