Words best unsaid, regrets and the journey to becoming a more positive and encouraging individual.

The past few months I have struggled to maintain an even keel in my life. Oft times, my temper leads me to say things that I would be better off not saying at any point. However, as soon as I am frustrated I belt it out. The problem with not having a filter is that I often pay for it at a later time. Someone is always quick to point out that I did not have the discipline to maintain my silence. Blasting out my thoughts comes at a steep price.

Airing out my thoughts have led me to have numerous regrets. My regrets have been a constant companion throughout 2018. Here is to hoping that 2019 will be better. God knows it couldn’t be much worse. Regrets are as beneficial as a used diaper. These problem children serve no purpose but to drag us down. Therefore, I have purposed that I will not focus on regrets but rather on the positive attributes that come from silence.

What makes some things best unsaid? It’s not that words are inherently bad, but rather the reactions that they cause. It is the raw emotions that become stirred up when people hear them. I am the world’s worst when it comes to saying things that are better left unspoken. By God, I am going to say what I am thinking! They are going to know where I stand on this matter! This attitude is unbecoming for a number of reasons. 1) Are my thoughts on the matter complete? 2) Have I considered all of the angles that apply to the matter? 3) Will blasting out my thoughts help someone or is it going to cause pain? If my thoughts are not helping someone or encouraging them, then it is time for me to shut up.

Words are sharp, and when used in the wrong manner they cut deep. I find it interesting that encouragement and pain can be caused by speaking. There seems to be no end of my regrets. Personal relationships with people have suffered because of my lack of having a filter. The truth shall set you free! True, it may also get you killed. As 2019 gets started, I am going to make an effort to revamp my life. It is going to start with being a more positive and encouraging person. Changing your life is difficult, however, it can be accomplished. My house may have reminders throughout it reminding me that I need to seek the positive. If that is what it takes to make it happen so be it.

Throughout the years I have heard that a journey starts with a single step. My journey of self-discovery and self-improvement may be difficult at times, but half-steps are still steps in the right direction. Here is to being positive and understanding that silence is sometimes the best option.

You guys take care. I hope that y’all have a tremendous day. Be safe.

Freeman out.

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