Writing….more than a hobby.

I am sitting here in my living room listening to the rain hit the tin on my roof. The forecast is calling for rain, with a side of booming thunder, and crashing lightning. Well, there go any plans that I might have made. I guess I will write something.

It has been an eventful day for me in regards to writing. I banged out a thousand words on my novel. Also, I reformatted my novel. Today, I have written 3 or 4 blogs that I can’t post online due to my internet being down. It has been a good day to write. There is never a shortage of things to inspire the aspiring writer!

There have been many opportunities for me to exercise my brain, and to write about things that I care about. Unfortunately, the things that I care about seldom care about me in return. Therefore, my writing is limited to politics, religion, hunting, fishing, baseball and how the NFL sucks. I would write of love, but let’s face it….I am jaded.

The rain has picked up into a maelstrom of rain and wind. There must be a tornado somewhere close. I don’t hear a train so it is not around me. Thank God for small miracles. Anyway, back to writing today. The words flew into my mind as I mercilessly pounded away at the keyboard. It is days like today that I feel like I could write anything. Those days are rare.

It seems like such a small thing to sit down and write. However, to be a good writer is one of my goals, and it is no small endeavor. Hopefully, as time progresses ever onward, I hope to become a much better writer than I currently am. Through hard work, determination and a little luck, maybe I can actually write something worthy of publishing. My reading list is growing by the day. Joining a writers’ group on Twitter has been beneficial in meeting people who share my love of storytelling.

Deep down in the gooiest portion of my being, I know that this is a hobby that may never come to fruition. However, if it keeps my demons at bay, then I am okay with that. There may never be a permanent writing gig with my own by-line. I may never pen a best seller or have a book made into a movie. That is also okay with me. I want to be the best that I can be, after all, my name will be on the cover.

Writing for me is much more than a hobby. It is my personal door to the secret place where I commune with God. In the quiet fury of my mind, I feel like I am closest to God when I write. My heart often comes out in the words that I type. My passion for things to be right in my country is inspired by the fact that God came to earth to die for the sins of the whole world. His love for humanity fuels my love of country. My dislike of social upheaval and wrong doing stems from parents who always instilled in their children a desire to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Have you ever been so angry that the words were locked in your soul and you did not have the key to free them? I have. Four times to be exact. 1) I broke up with a lady after being with her for five years. 2) I lost my youngest brother. 3) Something ugly happened in Iraq that scarred my soul forever. 4) I lost my first child. In each of these instances, I turned to writing to heal the wounds left on my heart. Writing bridged the gap between hurting and healing. Anger, frustration, and bitterness came out through the healing power of the pen. Words were my friend, and still are today. For a brief moment in time, all is forgotten except for the creative process to liberate my soul. Pretending that I am a wordsmith is very therapeutic for me. As Ace Ventura would say, “I have exorcised the demon!”

That is going to do it for today. I wish you guys a wonderful day and may God richly bless your lives. Take care.

Freeman out.

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