I woke up this morning, with a toothache. It is nothing new. This pain has been with me for a year now. The throbbing ache of nerve pain has brought me full circle. What is life without pain? It seems (although it could be the aforementioned pain) that pain is a constant, whereas joy is situational. Life often beats on us incessantly. We lose a loved one, pain is there. Your heart is broken, again pain is there. There is seldom an occasion where the pain is not present.

Pain is a companion that none of us want. It shows up to remind us that we are alive. There is a reason that we experience pain, it helps us to appreciate the truly momentous occasions that bring us joy. The birth of a child is a joyous occasion. Yet, would we truly understand the birth of our child if we had never experienced loss? It is yin and yang. The complexity of life is nothing short of miraculous.

Even love has moments of pain. A couple’s first big fight can be a very painful experience. The illusion that they will always agree on every issue is lost in a moment of anger and frustration. Heartbreak is another aspect of love. You find someone that you hope is the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Then you find out that they are a horrible fit. The ensuing pain taxes our emotional development. Heartbreak is incredibly painful when you are young. As you grow older you realize the futility of wasting your time with the wrong person.

Death is of course the ultimate harbinger of pain. There is no middle ground with the Reaper. If you have a pulse you will experience the scythe. Death is not the end; rather it is another level to be played out. I apologize for the gamer analogy. In loss we come to understand the fragility of mankind. We must not be so caught up in the future that we fail to appreciate the present. Life is meant to be lived. Our fragile moments here on Earth should be filled with thrills, passion, love and laughter. Pain will find its way into the mix without an invitation.

To live a balanced life, joy can’t be a constant. Pain must shape us to appreciate the moment. Otherwise, we would all be like a kid on a sugar rush. A constant state of euphoria would cause us to be unappreciative. Pain is the equalizer. There can’t be good in our life, if we do not experience bad. It serves as a reminder that some events and people are important. Otherwise, we would gleefully skip through life with no understanding that some things are more valuable than others. Can you imagine if you blindly placed the same value on all of your personal relationships? Your marriage would self destruct if you treated your spouse with the same regard as your boss or co-workers. That is the value of pain. It is the ultimate instructor.

That is going to do it for this morning’s blog. I hope that this finds you all doing well. Take care and I will chat with you all soon.

Freeman out! �

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