New year, new me?

Finally, Christmas is over. I have never been more happy to see this materialistic day pass. Now, we usher in the time of regrets and resolutions. This year, I am going to lose weight! I will get my finances in order! I will be a better person! On and on the empty promises litter social media. This year, my resolution is to be true to myself.

In being true to myself, I will remain the brutally honest person that I have always been. Some people may think this is mean. Here is a question: Would you rather be told the truth straight up, or be comforted with a good feeling lie? Personally, I will take the truth. There is much more to write about when it comes to my personality, but today is not the day to write about it.

I resolve to take my frustration on the people that caused me to become frustrated in the first place. It will no longer be open season on all who wander into my path. Given time, I am sure that I can add to this list. However, I digress.

It is my hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Hopefully, Santa brought you all the things that you wanted. If he/she didn’t, there is always next year. You guys take care.

Freeman out.

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