Dreams vs. Reality

Isn’t it strange that often in dreams we live such vivid images? You may dream that you are an astronaut lost in space, drifting aimlessly from one savage planet to the next. True love is another dream that people often have. In their dreams, they marry a wealthy socialite with a heart of gold. Or a prince/princess, etc. It is all well and good in the dream. Then with a start, we wake up and reality hits us in the face like a ton of bricks.

Reality is a pain sometimes. Hardly ever, does reality and dreams ever match up. You may find true love in a dream, yet in reality be the person that never finds happiness with anyone. Unless you are an astronaut, chances are minimal that you will be lost in space, battling hordes of savage creatures in a fight for survival.

My dreams are often of war. Indirect fire and tracer fire light up my imagination. Cries of wounded seeking help play on a loop in my mind. Except for last night. I had a truly wonderful dream last night. Yet, reality managed to beat me into submission by reminding me that it is only a pipe dream. In some ways, I wish that I could keep hope alive. However, that is just a fantasy.

Well that is going to do it for today’s blog. I am going to sink my teeth into reality and hang on for dear life. Y’all take care.

Freeman out.

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