Christmas…..and materialism?

Once upon a time, I was not the reincarnation of the Grinch that stole Christmas. In fact, I was the polar opposite of the Grinch. I enjoyed Christmas. Gifts were given, there was more food than two armies could eat, and my family enjoyed being around each other. My how things have progressed.

Christmas once stood for peace, hope, and goodwill toward all mankind. It was a time of togetherness and forgiveness. In our frantic society today, no one has time for togetherness. We huddle in the same room over our electronic devices and play the quiet game. The only time that we utter a complete sentence to each other is if the internet slows down due to high traffic. Can you reset the modem?

Christmas today is a race to acquire the newest device, to give the most expensive gifts, and to show up Aunt Susie or Uncle Johnny. In no sense do we even consider being a better human being. Showing compassion in our society is a weakness. God forbid, that we show compassion to those less fortunate than ourselves. To give food to an individual standing out in the cold hoping for some bit of charity is below us. They’re looking for a handout! Sure, some of them are. Begging has become a lucrative career for some. Also, we have become to desensitized to care for our fellow man.

In our maddening rush to have it all, to one-up family and friends, we have lost the meaning of Christmas. It has just become another day. We rush through life with no time to remember the reason for this season. God forbid we slow down enough to remember that life is not about making the next buck, or to relax. Christmas should be a time to rekindle our love of family. To be thankful for salvation and that we have not hope only in this life.

It is my wish that this holiday season is filled with beautiful and wonderful things that you all richly deserve. Drink the hot chocolate, eat the cookies first, and take time to find peace. God bless you all.

Freeman out.

P.S. I know that many people work with the homeless and donate clothes so that they can stay warm during the cold winter air. At no time was this blog aimed at anyone person. It is just observations of yours truly. Thanks for reading!


  1. While the reason for the season may be lost on some, thankfully I have observed many that still take time to celebrate with kindness, compassion, and generosity well in mind. Sadly, they may not always share what they contribute to those in need. This may be because they are afraid of how they might be judged, and told like I was the other day, that I should take my donations to this place instead of a place with a richy rich CEO, which isn’t the reason I personally donate at all. Just think I could have been totally dissuaded from donating/volunteering ever again unless, as I did, simply smiled, agreed that this person had their own opinions, and went on and did what I felt is best.

    Other people may not want to be seen as donating to people on the street for fear that the money is taken and used in a way they don’t approve of. It makes me wonder how many people literally feel they have to sneak into church because neighbors they are otherwise friendly with, are not religious. What about people in blended families that fear insulting some part or all of the family because they believe one way, while the others believe another right down to the tree, music, food, and or Hanukkah candles.

    Thankfully, for me I wasn’t raised to celebrate Christmas. I was raised to celebrate the birth of Christ, and to love God our Father Jehovah. I was taught to have a happy every day, and to give to those who were (are) less fortunate than I am. Having been fostered, I later went on in older years to find a family I could call my own. I was legally adopted by this wonderful family at 22, who just happens to celebrate Christmas. I do remember buying lots of gifts that first Christmas with them, but since then we have vowed to do something else with our Christmas present money, like give to a charity of our choice.

    In addition, we meet on the eve and sit around visiting. We share how our year went, and what we are thankful for. My adopted Mother (our angel) no longer even puts up a tree, because she wants us to light up the room from our hearts. She teaches us from her Bible, and this year has a special poem to share. We leave these occasions with presents far more valuable than money can buy, and yes, we are also re-reminded of the “true” reason for the season!

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    1. Very well said! Thank you for commenting on my post! I love how you are so willing to give. You are correct, that we should have a happy every day (not just Christmas or Thanksgiving)! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring you many wonderful moments!

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