Good afternoon…..

Howdy folks. I apologize for my lateness in posting to my blog. Somehow, I have managed to catch a virus. It is taking its toll upon me and my limited amount of creativity.

This morning started off really well. Mom made bacon, grits, scrambled eggs and cinnamon buns for breakfast. Then I took my father to pick up his truck from the shop. I chatted with a published author about my time in the military. He offered to send me a few of his books for me to peruse. I gladly accepted his offer. Then the virus pounced.

To top it all off, I now have a toothache. The obvious thing to do would be to make an appointment (which I did last month). January 10, 2019 is my appointment. It would not serve any purpose to point out that I have had the toothache since November 2017. However, because I feel like hammered crap today, I am gonna gripe about it. Enough is enough.

I promise I had something to write about. However, it disappeared into the fog that is mucking with my mind. Therefore, I will have to wait until it clears up before I wax philosophical on it. You guys take care. I will catch up with you soon.

Freeman out.

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