Weekend update….and insomnia.

So, it is almost three in the morning here in Mississippi. What am I doing awake at this time of the morning? It has been an eventful weekend. The church services were nothing short of amazing. Then we had our Christmas program last night. Man, our youth did an outstanding job. That was followed by our church-wide dinner and fellowship. All in all, it was a full weekend.

Then after helping to clean up and saying our goodbyes, my lady and I drove around looking at Christmas lights. Some yards were extravagant. Others were decidedly tame in comparison, but the ones that I like were those that were done in classic Christmas fashion. A lone wreath hung on the door, red bows were tied around the pillars of the porch. To me, nothing beats classical beauty. What can I say? I am old fashioned. 

Just before midnight, I dropped off my lady friend at her house. Then I made the trek home. As I drove home, the moon radiated the most beautiful light. It reminded me of how blessed I really am. I came home alive and intact from Iraq, twice. Contrary to popular belief, I am mentally sound. Struggles may come and go, but I am blessed beyond measure. Christmas is a time of goodwill to all of mankind. This small realization has made me want to put up lights. To share the joy that I have rediscovered in my life. 

It’s not enough to have a good life if you don’t take the time to help someone on their journey. I will not expound upon this any further. It is my wish that your holiday is filled with love and joy. 

God bless you all. This guy is off to find some semblance of sleep. Take care.

Freeman out.

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