Victimology, abuse, and discipline.

I am perusing the morning headlines when I stumbled upon a case where a father beat his son. The son’s spleen ruptured and the dad also punched him in the face. What could a kid do to provoke an adult to act in such a manner? The age of the son was not released, but he was old enough to spit in his father’s face. The father has been arrested on second degree assault for his actions.

As a young boy growing up in South Mississippi, we rarely heard of child abuse cases. When we did hear of them, the abuse was horrific in nature. I can remember a case where a woman was angry at her daughter and put a hot iron on her child’s face and back. That is an abuse of the highest order. Before anyone thinks that I support what the father did to his son in the case listed above, let me clarify my position. I do not agree with what the son did or what the father did. The father deserves to be punished for assaulting his child.

I started my academic career at the ripe age of 40. As I neared the end of my second year, I took a class about victims and the trauma associated with attacks etc. It was the most horrific study in human nature that I have ever read. Case after case, it profiled the evil that when unchecked, runs rampant in humanity’s heart. Swearing is frowned upon in academic writing. Week after week, my papers were full of profanity laced tirades about the evil perpetuated upon children and other victims.

One case has stayed with me this whole time however. A three year old boy wanted a sandwich. He asked his mother to make him one. She tied him to a chair with an extension cord. Then beat him with her fist and another cord. When her significant other came home, he picked his son up and slammed him face-first into the wall breaking the bones in his face. Then over the course of a day or so, they took turns beating him. They became hungry, so they went and bought a pizza. When they came home their son was dead. 

During this class, I often questioned God and asked why mercy was not shown to this little boy and victims just like him. To this day, I have no answers. I have seen people do awful things to each other in the name of a cause, or some self-righteous exercise of power. Children should never pay the price for our aggravation, anger or frustration. If you raise your children right, they are not dangerous. 

There is a difference between abuse and discipline. You can correct your child without rupturing their spleen. Or placing a hot iron on their skin to make your point. There is no cause for abuse to take place. If a person has that difficult of a time controlling their temper, then they need to seek help for it. What great lesson is derived from assaulting your flesh and blood? Discipline your child. Set boundaries and correct them when they cross that boundary. Don’t abuse your kids. 

In the end, the penance must be paid. This father will pay for what he did to his son. The son will hopefully recover from this beating. Faith says that things will get better. All we have in this life is each other. We must learn to take care of each other. We need to be supportive of one another and to be an example for our children to follow.

You guys take care and I will chat with you soon.

Freeman out.

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