Monday humor.

So, this morning has been eventful. I received a call earlier to see if I had time to help my dad pull his truck out from being stuck on the side of the hill. Of course, I always have time for my parents. I met him where his truck was stuck and I walked down to his vehicle. The still soggy ground stuck to my boots as I moved gingerly down the slope. While getting ready to get his truck out, we struck up a conversation about my parent’s dog named Dixie. 

“Son, Dixie will be in heat here in a couple of days. How old is your pup?”

“I think he is six months dad.”

“Pick him up and turn  him so I can see him.”

“Chunk come here! (I lift Chunk up so he can check him)”

“Boy that dog doesn’t have the gonads to do the job!”

There you have it. My dog has not matured enough to be a father. Humor is the spice of life. Country living definitely has plenty of humor to spare. You guys take care and I will chat with you later!

Freeman out!

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