I’m special…..

It seems to me (probably because I am cranky) that everyone wants to be special. My mommy said I’m special. Therefore, it must be true if dear ole mom signed off on it. The sense of entitlement is what irritates me the most. Oh, are you off for the holidays? Let me harass you with a dozen phone calls and explain why I need this today! The world has slid backwards through time and entered a realm where chaos is the order of the day.

It’s not enough that you must work yourself to the bone to make ends meet; or that random people want to berate you over the most minor details. No, lets amp up the me-factor to a thousand and inform everyone that I want it now! Once upon a time, prior to entering the Twilight Zone, this type of behavior was punished. In our modern, and enlightened society, this behavior is rewarded. Rudeness, much like Visa, is now accepted everywhere. 

I suppose that we have created this system of chaos by lessening the standards that we would accept when it comes to governing our behavior. One thing is for certain, eventually all of it will come crashing down. If Timmy wants a Snicker bar, by God he better get one. His behavior can be as atrocious and humiliating as he wants it to be. Timmy’s parents are going to cave in to the demonic hell-spawn simply because they want him to shut up.  Thus, we have created a society that is rude, crude and hateful. No wonder mass-shootings are common place in today’s day and age. 

In no sense do I think that I have it together. However, I am not rude because I do not get my way every time. If I need something, and I know that the person that can help me is off, I wait until they are back at work. I do not harass you at home. Common sense should dictate that if you want people to help you, respecting the other party’s boundaries is a must. You can’t pee in someone’s Corn Flakes and not expect them to be angry. However, common sense is a punishment, simply because we all did not get issued it at our birth.

Inwardly, I cringe every time that I hear someone speak about how what they want is so important. No one else has anything else going on. Let’s make sure that all of your needs are met, because God forbid, you take some responsibility for your life. Or that you attempt something without first asking someone else to do it. As it has always been, those that need help the most are the ones that are pushed to the back burner until the “special people” are helped. 

I digress. Life is too short to deal with selfish individuals. In a me-first world where manners are extinct, there is no purpose to being upset about anything. When we get upset, we lose. You are handing power to the individual who upset you. Breathe, relax, and let it go. Here is to hoping that the fleas of a thousand camels infest certain parts of their bodies and may their arms be too short to scratch.

You guys take care. I will catch up with you soon! I just noticed that this marks my 300th blog since I started writing in June. Yay me! 

Freeman out!

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