Emotional turmoil…..in a good sense.

Today has been a good day. Every weekend, I get to spend some much needed time with my lady friend. We operate a small flea market booth in Tennessee on Friday and Saturday. The more that I get to spend time with her, the greater her influence in my life grows (this is a good thing for me). Her companionship plays a vital role in keeping me grounded.

I am flighty, easily attached to whatever catches my fancy, but quick to burn the bridge if it doesn’t go the way that I think it should. Due to certain events in my life, I swore that I would never get into another relationship.  From October 2011 until June of 2017, I kept my word to myself. Then I met this wonderful woman and all of that changed. Suddenly, emotions that I had repressed surfaced. This has been a different change of pace for me however,the change has been wonderful. Doors that were slammed shut are now open, and the future is bright once again.

She is supportive of me even when times are tough. Sitting at the VA is often an issue for me. It makes me antsy. She is at my side when I go. Her wit is sharp (just like her intellect). She is quick to smile and always positive. Her blue eyes pierce the darkest corners of my heart. She is a great encouragement to me. She knows the dark secrets of my heart, and still she sticks it out with me. Her advice is sound, she listens prior to speaking. Her smile is my light when the darkness comes. There is so much more to write, however, this is beginning to sound like a butt-kissing moment. Needless to say, (I am going to say it anyway) my life is better with her in it. 

That is it for this draft that has been waiting for me to finish it. You guys take care. 

Freeman out.

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