Love, marriage, partners….and labels?!

I moved back home to Mississippi, 1 January 2016. During this time, I have heard numerous people exclaim, “all men are dogs!” I beg your pardon? Many of the culprits are young women who are married. It has been interesting over the course of these past three years to watch their marriages disintegrate into an empty shell where love once resided. Interesting in the sense that it is a sad state of affairs.

Why are so many people using the term listed above so often? In what regards are you referring to men as animals? Who do you think that you are? What gives you the right to label an entire gender based off of a bad experience that you had? No wonder your marriage is in the sewer.

Love requires sacrifice. It also requires that partners’  respect each other. Hard times come when you decide to build a life together. Yet, riding out the storm should be easier when you have someone to experience it with. Divorce is at an all-time high. Surely, it would not have anything to do with a lack of respect for each other. 

There has been no end of me watching men and women bad mouth their partners. It seems that most of them want an audience to see them rip apart their partner for some minor infraction. The vows that were taken at the altar were once sacred. They meant something, the words were not hollow locution. 

Today’s society has targeted men to such an extent that no one sees anything wrong with it. Is it screwed up? Blame a man! There are men who behave like dogs. They run around on their partner, lie with anything that will get in bed with them, can be abusive and are generally worthless. However, that is not ALL men. 

I wonder how these women would feel if I decided to label the entire gender of women as ditsy? It would not take long for women who have worked their butts off to reach their pinnacle to become upset over it. Professional women who have sacrificed to achieve success in male dominated industries would not be happy. Nor should they be. Labeling each other is wrong.

A marriage worth having requires maximum effort (thanks Deadpool)! It does not just happen. Sacrifice is a large part of it. When things get hard you don’t throw in the towel. You find a way to make it work. Tearing down your partner, at home or in the public, should never happen. You should lift each other up. When one part of the team struggles, the other partner should be there to help. That is how you build a marriage.

That is going to do it for today’s blog. You guys take care and I will catch you next time.

Freeman out.



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