My irritation and why free speech is important in our society.

Yesterday, I was irritable when I set out to write about this article in Vox magazine. I apologize for my open hostility. The authors’ of Vox magazine are entitled to their opinion on any issue, just as I am. Thus, it was wrong of me to be as critical as I was. In the future, I will attempt to avoid being so hateful in my disdain of their articles.

I will try to explain my position. There is a reason that the Founding Fathers set the age limit on those who run for the highest office in this country. Age brings experience. Most people by their mid-thirties have settled down with a partner. They have achieved to some degree financial independence. In some instances they have a broader perspective which is needed to deal with all of the obligations which arise during the course of the their presidency. This is why there is an age limit. In almost all cases, maturity comes with age as well. Therefore, these are my reasons that I should have written out yesterday.

Only in America can the media blast the President of the United States without any repercussions. The media can be as critical as they choose to be on any number of issues. This does not only apply to the media but to every citizen in America. Hence, Vox magazine’s right to say what they choose about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s inability to run for president at 29. There are rules in place that govern elections. I could have as easily said that I had the right to choose to say what I did yesterday. However, I felt that my tone yesterday might have been off-putting. Thus, my attempt at apologizing (I am not very good at saying I am sorry).

In our society, free speech is the cornerstone of our Bill of Rights. The First Amendment allows us to be critical of our government. It allows the media to do their jobs (as if they do them, to begin with). In American society, the right to free speech is often taken for granted. We don’t hold back on what we say. I would know, my blog yesterday was a prime example of this. There is no measure of reserve in place to temper our rhetoric. What we say may be brilliant or stupid, either way, it is going to be said. This would not fly in other countries. 

While I am disgusted by the article that I read yesterday, they have the right to their opinion. This country thrives on free speech, therefore, they can say what they want to about the issue. I am thankful that the Founding Fathers’ had the sense enough to put rules in place to govern our land. I do admire Ms. Cortez and her passion. She apparently has many fervent followers, and that speaks to her ability to communicate her ideas to them. 

That is going to do it. You guys take care and I will catch up with you later. 

Freeman out.

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