Winter. A necessary part of our physical and spiritual world.

This morning, the cold brisk air filled my nostrils when I took my puppy outside. Shivering, I turned around and went back inside my warm house. Winter may be necessary, however, it is not my favorite season. Give me warm temps (70-75) and a good book. Yet, for all of the bone-chilling rain, the occasional drift of snow, and the killing frosts, winter is beneficial to our well being.

When weather is cold, our bodies must work harder to maintain our core temperature. Therefore, it is possible to burn calories during this time. We tend to sleep better during winter. Allergies are almost non-existent during winter (the pollen count is almost nil). It you are a health enthusiast,  you heart works harder during the winter when you workout (meaning that your heart health improves).

What autumn starts with the leaves changing colors, winter comes crashing in like an angry three-year-old and finishes off. Winter brings uncomfortable temperatures, chilly winds, and low lying fog. Symbolically speaking, winter can represent a loss of love, bitterness concerning failures and shortcomings and blind loyalty. Often these symbols are interchangeable with other words. Winter may destroy the landscape (physically and emotionally) yet when the sun comes out, life comes again. 

Though we may walk through valleys’ which are devoid of light, the sun will shine again. Winter does not last forever. It is only here for a season, then we shall rise. May God bless you all. Take care of yourselves. 

Freeman out.

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