Veterans. Are they all warfighters?

This afternoon, I was introduced to a veteran via his interview on a radio show. The rank of the said veteran was yeoman (he was in the Navy). He was an administrative clerk during the Cuban Missile Crisis. To make a long story very short, he went to Cuba to blow up nuclear missile silos. Numerous holes were discovered in this guy’s story and eventually, my lady friend asked me for my opinion. I don’t know where to begin. So, I figured I would try to think it through via my blog. Let’s begin.

This should be said at the outset. Veterans tell tall tales. It’s what we do. However, very few of us would break our oaths that we swore to defend this glorious country. Most of us would never embarrass our country. Also, I have never heard of a mission so clandestine that suicide was your only option (which could be why I never heard of it, but whatever). 

This guy must have been something special. I mean like really tough. Maybe he was a cross breed between He-Man, Superman, Neo from the Matrix, and the Hulk. All the strengths and none of the weaknesses. Or perhaps he had the strategic understanding of Patton, Churchill, and Captain America. It is the only way that I could understand sending a clerk to Cuba to do a grunt’s job. He didn’t even go with a support element. Three individuals were tasked with this mission. Each got their own helicopter and a crew member to shake their hand when they got off of the whirlybird. There were three nuclear silos on Cuba, they each took responsibility for one. So one sailor, with no tactical training went to Cuba to accomplish a mission of strategic importance? Color me intrigued.

It could have happened. I was not even born yet when this guy undertook this highly classified operation. I’m kind of jealous. Where is my lightning rifle? Why did he get his own helicopter?

To get back on topic, every department in the military has an assigned mission. Some are administrative clerks. They keep the military’s endless paperwork squared away. Others are cooks. They keep the troops fed. Grunt’s sleep in the mud and shoot bad guys. Artillery brings the pain from another zip code. Mechanics keep the equipment in good working order, and supply makes sure we have our gear when we need it. Every department is vital in its own way. We may all deploy, but we do not all fight the enemy. Fight as in pick up a weapon and kill the enemy. The only way that this guy’s mission would occur is if things went really, really bad. Then an administrative guy MIGHT have to shoot their weapon.

That being said, being deployed takes a lot out of a person regardless of the job. Fifteen months away from your spouse, partner, baby daddy/mommy, and children require us to miss a lot of memories. There is no way to get that time back. Therefore, these individuals do deserve respect for their sacrifice. 

Just remember, that if a veteran tells you that they bombed (name a potential war zone here) on the back of a T-Rex, firing a lightning rife and chewing cyanide capsules, they are pulling your leg.  

That is enough insanity for today. You guys take care and I will chat with you soon!

Freeman out.

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